Investor Registration

To invest in NXT companies, a retail investor must first be given, and confirm that they understand, the NXT warning. Your NZX Reference Number is evidence that you have read and understand the NXT Warning. You need to create a MyNZX account and complete the 4 step registration process to obtain your NZX Reference Number.


Please read the NXT Warning below and confirm that you understand the NXT Warning by ticking the box below.

NXT Warning

The NXT Market (“NXT”) is a licensed market operated by NZX Limited that is designed for smaller companies that are typically at an earlier stage of business development and accordingly, the risks of investing in companies listed on NXT may be higher than investing in other companies.

Under the NXT Market Rules, NXT companies are required to immediately disclose information concerning specific events prescribed in the NXT Market Rules, however it is possible that some price sensitive information may not be required to be disclosed, and therefore you could trade on NXT without the benefit of all price sensitive information in relation to a NXT company. The NXT Market Rules require NXT companies to have an insider trading policy and insider trading law applies to anyone trading on the NXT Market.

NZX has appointed market makers and research providers for NXT, however, there is uncertainty as to the level of liquidity on NXT, which may impact upon your ability to sell shares when you want to.