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Snakk's vision is to be renowned around the globe as a leading enabler of purpose-driven advertising on mobile devices, changing brands and impacting lives through the new screens in our world.

Snakk enable brands to reach their consumers on smartphones and tablets, delivering engaging ads across a network of mobile websites, applications, and games in a way that is highly targeted, measurable and scalable. The company's expertise and portfolio of technology aggregates a publisher's supply of ad space and matches it with an advertiser's demand.


This information was extracted from Snakk Media Limited Full Year Report, released on 31 May 2017:

Net revenue for the year ending 31 March 2017 (FY17) was $10.6m, up from $10.5m for the year ending 31 March 2016. The net loss for the second half of the financial year was $1.4m - an improvement on the net loss for first half year of the financial year of $1.9m - for a full year net loss of $3.3m. The net loss increased from $994k in the year ending 31 March 2016.

The mobile advertising market continues to grow rapidly but remains highly competitive and fluid with the supply side dominated by a handful of major global companies. Snakk competes against the major global companies by focusing on differentiated niche products and services in areas where the competitors are not as proficient, and by expanding its distribution channels.

The increased loss for the 2017 financial year was driven by the significant investment made by the company to re-position itself with a more diversified product suite and distribution channels and associated revenue streams, which the Board sees as creating a platform for growth in FY18 and beyond.

Highlights for the year include:

- Launch of a programmatic geographic mobile Self-Service trading platform in October 2016
- Launch of a market leading GPS based mobile video product - video is a growing mobile advertising format
- Development of a mobile geographic data and analytics capability
- Development of enhanced retail-insights measurement and reporting to enable agencies and retail brands to measure the in-store impact of mobile advertising
- An advertising agency winning the Bronze "Best Use of Geolocation" at the Festival of Media Global Awards for a mobile advertising campaign that utilised Snakk's geographic targeted advertising platform and creative from Snakk's Touch Create division.
- International recognition of the Touch Create mobile creative division: winner of 6 silver W3 Awards USA for "Bond Spectre", Singapore and "The Walk", Singapore, and; Finalist for the MMA Smarties APAC 2016 "Best Brand Media Experience in Rich Media" for the same campaign.

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