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Snakk's vision is to be renowned around the globe as a leading enabler of purpose-driven advertising on mobile devices, changing brands and impacting lives through the new screens in our world.

Snakk enable brands to reach their consumers on smartphones and tablets, delivering engaging ads across a network of mobile websites, applications, and games in a way that is highly targeted, measurable and scalable. The company's expertise and portfolio of technology aggregates a publisher's supply of ad space and matches it with an advertiser's demand.


This information was extracted from Snakk Media Limited full year report, released on 30 May 2018:

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, 30 May 2018 - Today specialist mobile advertising company Snakk Media (NXT: SNK) is announcing its unaudited preliminary financial results for the year ending 31 March 2018 (FY18).

FY18 has seen a significant turnaround of $2.9m resulting in a decrease of the net loss to $0.27m from a net loss of $3.2m in FY17. Snakk achieved a net profit of $0.35m in the second half of the year, the first profitable half year in the last six years.

The media revenue was $10.3m (FY17, $10.6m). The main differences between years is continued growth in Self-Service revenue of $0.9m offset by lower revenue from Managed Services in Southeast Asia of $1.1m.

The mobile advertising market continues to grow and remains highly competitive and subject to structural change. It is a rapidly evolving market with demands for the types of services shifting year-on-year. Snakk competes against the major global companies by focusing on differentiated niche products and services in areas where the competitors are not as proficient, by being nimble in adapting its products and services to changing demand, and by expanding its distribution channels.

Snakk continues to operate in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. As the contribution to net results from Southeast Asia was negative in FY17 Snakk significantly reduced the resources deployed there in FY18. Snakk is currently investigating ways to reestablish a Managed Services presence in a cost-effective manner that if successful would result in a positive contribution to the net result. There was good growth in the Melbourne and Brisbane markets that Snakk invested in to establish a stronger presence. The Sydney and New Zealand continued to be highly competitive and results were disappointing in those markets. The Sydney team has been re-vamped for FY19 and Snakk has established a new distribution model in New Zealand that encourages revenue growth whilst reducing operating costs at foreseeable revenue levels.

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