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Snakk's vision is to be renowned around the globe as a leading enabler of purpose-driven advertising on mobile devices, changing brands and impacting lives through the new screens in our world.

Snakk enable brands to reach their consumers on smartphones and tablets, delivering engaging ads across a network of mobile websites, applications, and games in a way that is highly targeted, measurable and scalable. The company's expertise and portfolio of technology aggregates a publisher's supply of ad space and matches it with an advertiser's demand.


This information was extracted from Snakk Media Limited half year report, released on 30 November 2017:

Today mobile advertising technology company Snakk Media Ltd., (NXT: SNK) announced its unaudited results for the six months ended 30 November 2017.

Revenue was $5,330,677, representing year-on-year growth of 13.27%. Cash in bank at the end of September 2017 was $0.5m.

Year-on-year the net loss after tax for the six months ended 30 September 2017 decreased from -$1.87m to -$0.6m.

The increase in revenue is primarily as a result of self-service product that was introduced October 2016. Self-service accounted for $935k of revenue in the six months to 30 September 2017. Australia and New Zealand managed services revenue was approximately the same whilst Southeast Asia managed services revenue was lower. Snakk is currently concentrating only on the Australian and New Zealand markets for managed services and all markets with self-service.

Expenses have been reduced by approximately $1.2m (24.5%) as a result of successfully implementing a re-structure in Q1 the full benefits of which started to be realized from June 2017. Operating expenses continue to be tightly managed whilst ensuring our customer facing and service delivery capabilities are

Snakk's core business is the provision of highly targeted geo and audience based managed service inapp advertising supported by mobile creative on the Snakk Media Audience and other platforms. The data analytics capability that Snakk has developed supports the managed services product range. Snakk also provides a programmatic geo mobile self-service platform for customers who wish to manage their own advertising campaigns on UberMedia via Snakk. This self-service offering complements Snakk's
managed service offering.

The mobile advertising market is highly competitive and volatile. Increasingly shorter sales cycles lead to revenue fluctuations and uncertainty. The supply side is dominated by a handful of major global companies and is subject to structural change. Snakk competes against the major global companies by focusing on differentiated niche products and services - although there are competitors offering similar products and services and by expanding its distribution channels.

As announced on 30 June 2017 Snakk appointed an advisory firm to help identify and consider strategic capital options. Snakk continues to explore capital and structural options with the assistance of the advisor.

Snakk's level of working capital remains relatively low. Snakk's management and board closely monitor and manage its working capital and associated cash flow.

Snakk's primary technology partner is UberMedia. The UberMedia platform that powers the majority of Snakk's revenue is a leading edge advertising technology and positions Snakk well to continue providing differentiated in-app products and services. One of the most trusted mobile authorities, UberMedia continues to work closely with Snakk as UberMedia's supplier in the region.

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